High Standard Housekeeping, Sanitization & Hygiene

Facilities management housekeeping is the need of an hour. With the pandemic we cruised through and heading to global threats of COVID variants. It is very important to have high standard of housekeeping, sanitization and high standards of hygiene. This helps your work going smooth. You in need le spirit specialized housekeeping and pest control services. Workspaces are adapting many changes. Keeping your workplace clean sanitized and pest free is very important … call us for services.

Serving 100,000+ Meals PM for Big Events

Serving more than 100,000 meals every month in different categories. Company Board of directors, meals and events and parties. HR meets and club parties, VIP guest house catering, Engineers Meals, Expatriate Meals, satellite canteen operations, labour canteens, cafe and kiosks for project sites, colony cafes. We have solutions to all your catering requirements.